CompactFlash® Cards

Lexar® CompactFlash memory cards deliver high-capacity flash memory in a rugged form factor. Conforming to CompactFlash Association (CFA) specifications, Lexar CompactFlash cards maximize the functionality of today's industrial applications.

Lexar cards have industry-leading quality and performance. As a key member and major influencer within CFA, we help define CompactFlash specifications to offer leading features in our products.  

Our CompactFlash cards are designed to keep your data reliable under many usage scenarios and environmental conditions. With capacities up to 128GB, along with industry-leading performance of up to 1000x, you can trust Lexar cards to provide the ultimate performance for your OEM requirements.

High-Performance Product Line

High-Performance CompactFlash Cards

Capacities: 4GB - 16GB

200x performance

30MB/s read transfer*


Highest Performance Product Line

800x CompactFlash

Capacities: 8GB - 128GB


800x performance

120MB/s read transfer*


1000x CompactFlash

Capacities: 16GB - 128GB


1000x performance

150MB/s read transfer*


* Read transfer, write speeds lower. Actual sustained speed may vary depending on host device. x=150KB/s.